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Letter to the Editor

At the town hall meeting with Dakota Energy, Chad Felderman said he has a fiduciary responsibility to the member-owners. What do you call it when Dakota Energy controlled the number of people and who could attend, did not let East River and Basin speak, answered only selected on-line questions, and did not allow anyone attending to ask questions?

Chad also said that they were not trying to break up East River. What do you call it when Dakota Energy is suing East River to break away?

Members of cooperatives have benefits that nonmembers don't have. Dakota Energy is putting their members at the back of the line for repairs for disaster emergencies on the East River system. Cooperatives have the obligation to repair the lines to restore power to their members first.

Chad said any member can request information about the cooperative. A copy of the Guzman letter of intent and other information requested has not been made available. Chad said that the number of customers will not be increasing. There is a trend that people from out of state are moving to a more rural area. What if an industry starts in the Huron rural area?


Electric cars and recharging stations will add loads to the existing system. Basin Electric can buy off the open market and has generation. Guzman is just an energy broker that doesn't have any generation. Buy local/stay local benefits the Dakota communities.

I could go on and on about the half-truths and twisted information given at the meeting.

Twyla Folk

Huron, April 12

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Daily Leader Extra


Posted April 14, 2021