Letter to the Editor - Huron Daily Plainsman - Douglas Hart

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To the Editor:

I encourage Dakota Energy customers to go to dakotaenergy.coop/your-products-services/electric-service/ and review the well-authored notice to members regarding the rate increase implemented in January of 2019. The letter was honest and to the point, not placing the blame on any one entity in particular.

Now, as a member maybe you need to ask Dakota Energy’s leadership, why the sudden change of heart? Also ask them, if Guzman Energy becomes our power supplier, will it provide the manpower, equipment and materials necessary to restore our power and infrastructure if a catastrophic event such as the November 2005 ice storm should occur? Will the remaining 23 member co-ops come to our assistance with the aforementioned now that you have chosen to turn your back on them? Will ERC have any role in this now as a wheeling agent only? Where will the money come from to pay for this and at what cost? Is it true that you bought out from RUS and if so, why did you do so and how much did the buyout alone cost us as members? How much more annually are we the members/owners paying in interest as a result of this decision? How much is this litigation and other associated expenses going to cost us? Why did you not hold a special meeting of the membership to ask us our opinions before starting this process? Why no transparency? We the member/owners deserve answers.

It’s my opinion that Dakota Energy’s leadership has taken the “low road” on this issue on many levels, continually playing the blame game and pointing fingers at Basin and East River Electric whom I feel are taking the “high” road. I urge you as owner/members to sign the petition to hold a special meeting so that your voices can be heard.

Douglas Hart

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Huron Daily Plainsman


Posted Apr. 2, 2021