Letter to the Editor - Huron Daily Plainsman - Douglas Hart

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To the Editor:

Where will this all end?

Why put so much effort and expense into hiding the truth? Why, by invitation only, the secret meetings at board member’s personal residences? Why did only a few board members attend the special meeting in Miller? Why did Dakota Energy do everything within its power to sabotage that meeting? Why did the board not bring this topic to the member-owners at a special meeting to discuss the pros and cons of this proposed action, seeking their input before acting on it and signing a letter of intent? What does the letter of intent say?

What is it about a handful of educated, knowledgeable member-owners with decades of experience in the electric utility industry that is so intimidating to the DE Board? Why are they doing everything within their power to undermine these member- owners attempts to educate the other 2300 plus members on why separating from their longtime and current power supplier is a bad idea. Why does the board think they have the power to take away these member owners first amendment rights, first by issuing subpoenas to all - including myself a non-member - then deposing two of the member-owners and last but not least, suing all the member owners that were involved in the petition drive for a special meeting?

This is not a Board of Directors it is a Board of Dictators. I believe they sold their souls to Guzman Energy for a price unknown and they have no way out so they are going to shoot down anyone that gets in their way with their big gun attorneys. The member-owners being chastised by the DE Board has forgotten more about the electric utility industry then the Board President and Vice President will ever know... They need to own that fact.

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Huron Daily Plainsman


Posted: October 23, 2021