Letter to the Editor - Huron Daily Plainsman - Pat Doak

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Letter to the Editor

How much longer:
- Will Dakota Energy refuse to let us vote?
- Will the DE board bleed our bank account on this East River law suit?
- Will DE hold invitation-only meetings on board members’ private property to convince members they are wrong?
- Will Guzman pay its Denver lawyers to fight us?
- Will DE send mailings with the Guzman logo on them?

Why would a for-profit company help a non-profit co-op convince its members to break a contract?

Profit? Is that ethical?

Why would the DE board approve of Guzman’s law firm sending us a letter saying it’s “…not appropriate for member action…” ? to vote on proposed bylaw changes by signature petition of over 10% of the members?

Don’t we have a say? What happened to one member-one vote? Inappropriate?

Why would DE management record the conversations of a member at the front desk as they did recently? Was it because that member signed the petition?

Why would DE’s board refuse to give a member the updated list of members?

Why would the DE Board have their Guzman lawyers send a critical letter to a DE members employer? And, have Guzman send subpoenas to five of its own DE members? Is that harassment? Retaliation for having a different point of view? Is that how Dakota Energy operates?

Why is the DE board and Guzman’s law firm so opposed to letting us vote? Wouldn’t you think that a matter that could fundamentally change the business model of our co-op should be voted on by our members?

Why are the letters to members coming from Guzman’s Denver law firm Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell?

Follow the money.

The target’s on my back now. Beware, anyone who dares to cross Dakota Energy. Is that why DE’s Denver law firm subpoenaed me?

Pat Doak, Huron

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Huron Daily Plainsman


Posted September 4, 2021