Letter to the Editor - Huron Daily Plainsman - Twyla Folk

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To the Editor:

Are Dakota Energy Board of Directors and manager members of the WAD Club?

W: Are they
1. Wasting members’ money on numerous lawyers, lawsuits, and court maneuvers?
2. Wasting time and money by holding controlled meetings, presenting one-sided, biased information, having only Guzman representative present, and handing out propaganda against East River and Basin Electric?

A: Are they
1. Abusing members by subpoenaing, deposing, and subjecting them to long, grueling (4 to 5 hours) interrogations?
2. Abusing the trust the members placed in the Board when elected by not following the bylaws, articles of incorporation, and South Dakota law?
3. Abusing the members by not letting them vote on petitioned articles?
4. Abusing East River and Basin Electric, cooperatives they created and voted for their policies, by badmouthing them?

D: Are they
1. Defrauding the membership by not notifying the members about the letter of intent and hiding the information in it?
2. Defrauding the members by misleading them in the Cooperative Connections, the cooperative’s newsletter, with meaningless minutes that contains no motions, no voting record by individual board members, and not reporting all topics covered?
3. Defrauding the members by saying they are not capable of making decisions about the cooperative after deliberately withholding information?
4. Defrauding the members by not showing any savings by trying to go with a for-profit, out-of-region power supplier?

The members need to be thinking about board replacements. Women should make sure their name is on the membership list and consider running for the board of directors. Before the election we need to have a listing of each candidate and their policies. Ballot counting needs to be witnessed.

Twyla Folk

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Huron Daily Plainsman


Posted on December 31, 2021