Letter to the Editor - Huron Daily Plainsman - Twyla Folk

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To the Editor:

As a member of Dakota Energy (DE), I have some questions/comments for DE about Andrew Serri’s article in the January 2022 COOPERATIVE CONNECTIONS. Quotes are from Serri’s article.

1. Is Serri employed by Guzman Energy? What is his position title? How long did Serri work for Basin Electric before he moved on?

2. Has DE done a study to determine “the best service at lowest possible cost”? A buyout would drastically affect DE member/owner’s price because they would be paying Guzman base rate + difference between base and current market price to Guzman + Guzman operating costs + profit for Guzman’s investors, + DE operating costs + wheeling charges to East River + the buyout number cost + interest on the buyout loan. (Use logic not court system)

3. If “Guzman Energy is committed to total transparency”, then Guzman and DE should reveal the contents of the Letter of Intent. Is there something damaging or illegal in it?

4. If Guzman customers were in the Southwest Power Pool area during last February’s “Polar Vortex”, the market rate would have been nearly $5.00/kwh.

5. How much of wind and solar energy is locally owned? DE has a local member on East River’s Board. Who is on Guzman’s Board of Directors, and what company does each represent?

6. How does having two employees that served in the military make Guzman stand out front? I’m sure many DE member/owners and Basin Electric and East River personnel served in the military also. (Thank all who served.)

7. Serri says the DE Board should continue to follow the north star. Really? The Board should be following the Bylaws, Articles of Consolidation, state law, and direction of member/owners.

8. Is the DE Board “volunteering to serve”? Are they paid for hours ($50/hr?) plus travel?

Twyla Folk

Note: This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Huron Daily Plainsman


Posted on January 8, 2022