Basin Electric, Bakken Energy Negotiating Potential Sale of Synfuels Plant

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As part of Basin Electric’s future plans for the Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant, the cooperative has reached agreement on key terms and conditions with Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power on their plans to purchase the plant.

The Synfuels Plant would be transformed into the largest and lowest-cost, clean hydrogen production facility in the country.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said the announcement is “of historical significance for our state and nation and heralds the extension of North Dakota being home to innovative leadership in fueling and feeding the world.”

As part of the agreement, the plant will continue existing operations through 2025 and be transformed to make clean hydrogen requiring the same level of highly skilled employees.

Paul Sukut, the CEO and General Manager of Basin Electric said the announcement “represents the hard work of committed individuals at Basin Electric, Dakota Gas, Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power. Our commitment is to get this right and choose the best option for our employees, our members and area communities.”

You can read more about the potential sale here:,-Bakken-Energy-reach-next-step-in-potential-sale-of-Synfuels-Plant

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