La Plata Electric Association Director Raises Red Flags on Guzman Energy

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Guzman Energy is quickly making a name for itself through attempts to lure local distribution co-ops, like Dakota Energy, away from their trusted cooperative power suppliers. With this attempt now underway at Dakota Energy, it’s important to stay informed on what is happening at other co-ops where Guzman has established a presence.

One of those co-ops is La Plata Electric Association. Davin Montoya is a member-owner of La Plata and began raising red flags about Guzman Energy when the co-op’s executives and other directors began an attempt to leave Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association for Guzman.

In fact, Montoya became so frustrated with the situation that, after 30 years of service on La Plata’s board, he declined to seek another term. In a recent Durango Herald article, Montoya expressed concerns that not all costs related to the study of separation from Tri-State were being reported.

“I won’t say they are lying, most of it is manipulation of numbers, but they’re not being honest about the situation, and I don’t like it,” Montoya said.

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